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Business empowerment, leadership and career advancement for aspiring and established women leaders 

Pre-conference workshop: 5 December 2018 | Conference: 6 - 7 December 2018


  • Former Prime Minister Address: Right Honourable Dame Jenny Shipley is a passionate and determined leader, who will share her journey from becoming New Zealand’s first female Prime Minister, to taking on the Asia Pacific economic sector, with plenty of take away lessons for established and aspiring leaders.
  • Keynote Addresses:
    • Treasury NZ’s Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Secretary, Strategy, Performance and Engagement, Fiona Ross will share how better outcomes can be achieved for the nation’s women. Discover how you also can be a catalyst for action.
      Dr Saunoamaali’I Karanino Sumeo is the Human Rights Commissioner with oversight of the Equal Employment Opportunities and Women’s Rights portfolio, she will identify how women leaders can ignite the desire for cultural change.
  • Millennial Panel: Advice directly from millennial emerging leaders on the unique abilities they bring to the table, and how they can be attracted, retained and supported.
  • Future Leadership Hypothetical: A thought-provoking session that will explore the impact that technology will have on future leadership and the role you can play in it.
  • Interactive Coaching: Come face-to-face with leading professional coaches to ask questions and bounce ideas around, while gaining valuable insights and tips on becoming an authentic and compelling leader. 

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